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Jeep Hurricane Concept

Jeep isn’t new to fabricating awesome and cool new concept vehicles. Chrysler showcased the ME Four-Twelve and Dodge spawned the Tomahawk, but when the Jeep Hurricane made its debut at the North American International Auto Show stage, it raised the bar for the Jeep name.

"Jeep Hurricane is simply the most maneuverable, most capable and most powerful 4x4 ever built," said Trevor Creed, Senior Vice President - Chrysler Group Design. "It pays homage to the extreme enthusiasts' Jeep vehicles in form and off-road capability, but is a unique interpretation of Jeep design. Simply stated, it is the extreme example for the Jeep brand." There is not much more we can add to this statement about the Jeep Hurricane. Check out pictures and specs throughout the web site.

The Jeep Hurricane is a continued success and is about as bold as bold can be. For example, the vehicle has a 5.7 HEMI engine in the rear of the vehicle and another HEMI in the front! Yes! No joke! Each HEMI pumps out 335 horsepower with 370 lb-ft of torque - a total of 670 hp and 740 lb-ft of torque.

One question might be basically why two HEMI engines? The Jeep Hurricane has Multi-Displacement System (MDS). Depending on the drivers needs, either 4, 8, 12, or 16 cylinders will be used. The Jeep Hurricane will have unbelievable torque for climbing obstacles other 4x4 vehicles could only dream of tackling. And if it didn’t sound like it could get any better, the Jeep Hurricane can move from 0-60 is less than five seconds, beating most sports cars off the line!

The vehicles power is delivered through a central transfer case and split axles with a mechanically controlled four-wheel torque distribution system.

Ground clearance for the Hurricane is 14.3 inches, and incredible near vertical degree approach/departure angles of 64.0 /86.7 degrees. Additionally, the Jeep Hurricane has 37 inch tires, so there are few obstacles the Hurricane meets that it can’t climb.

Check out these features – the Jeep Hurricane to date is the only vehicle that provides its own turnable feature. It has a turn radius of absolutely zero, thanks to toe steer and skid steer capabilities: the ability to turn both front and rear tires inward. Additionally, the Jeep Hurricane has two modes of automated four-wheel steering. First is traditional with its rear tires turning in the opposite direction of the front to reduce the turning circle. The second mode is an innovative way to targeted off-road drivers: the Hurricane can turn all four wheels in the same direction for nimble crab steering. This allows the Jeep to move sideways without changing the direction the vehicle is pointing.

While out in the wilderness, changing direction with limited space can mean the difference between an afternoon of adventure, or a distress call after failed winch attempts. "The multi-mode four-wheel steering system on Jeep Hurricane is designed to offer enthusiasts the next level of performance and unexpected maneuverability." Creed said.

The Jeep Hurricane’s body is one-piece shaped of structural carbon fiber. The suspension and powertrain are mounted directly to the body. To act as a skid plate, an aluminum spine runs under the body to both connect the underside directly to the body.

The overall design is light with intense strength offering brute force. The Jeep Hurricane has the signature seven-slot grille, two seats and no doors. On the inside, occupants will be surrounded by exposed carbon fiber and polished aluminum with Black accents.

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